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Raese addresses Upshur Republicans

February 27, 2012
By John Wickline Staff Writer ( , The Inter-Mountain

John Raese referred to the parable of the boiling frog in the cauldron as he tried to illustrate what was happening to America during his keynote address Saturday at the Upshur County Lincoln Day Dinner.

The story of how a frog cannot tell it is in life-threatening waters if the heat to the cauldron is slowly increased was used by Glenn Beck in 2009 and comes from a 1990 book, "The Fifth Discipline" by Peter Senge. The frog placed in cooler waters will not notice the increasing heat until it is boiling, at which point, it becomes too late to save the frog.

The Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, however, urged those at the gathering to instead be like the frog which is tossed into already boiling waters. That frog will scramble to save its existence, Raese said.

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"Are we the frog in the cauldron, or are we going to get thrown into boiling water and get boiling angry?" he asked. "Four dollars a gallon (for gasoline) we should be outraged. In 1966 when I get my license, it's was 25 cents a gallon. This has gone on for quite a while."

Raese, who lost to Sen. Joe Manchin in a 2010 special election to fill the unexpired seat of the late Sen. Robert C. Byrd, is again going after that seat, and he blasted Manchin for not being a friend of coal but a friend to President Barack Obama.

"Most of our energy resources we have in this country are kept in the ground," Raese said. "Energy is the connection to capitalism. If we don't have energy, we don't have freedom."

He told the Republican gathering at the Buckhannon Moose Lodge that if Manchin is re-elected, the country will see gridlock, more attempts at government stimulus and the implementation of "Obama Care."

"This country can't take it any more," he said. "We have got to pay more attention to what the government is doing to us than to any other thing we have professionally in our lives. Weak people breed weak nations."

Raese said if he is sent to Washington, D.C., he will take "hard looks" at programs he believes put an unnecessary drain on the federal budget.

"Can anybody tell me what the Department of Energy does?" he said. "It costs us $40 billion a year."

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