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Landowners can vote, too

March 17, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


I am responding to the letter in your newspaper saying 400,000 West Virginia hunters can vote.

Thousands of landowners can vote, too. Not everyone thinks the same as you.

My family and I have no plans to deer farm. We just hate the idea of more people moving out of this state, because the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has mismanaged things so badly.

The coyotes will end up bankrupting sporting good stores. This past winter coyotes have killed several deer from our property. We had several deer coming to our food plots until the coyotes killed them all.

Other states have done studies about bear and coyotes eating over 50 percent of the deer fawns. Put these two predators together, along with poachers, and see what you have left.

As far as I am concerned, any elected official who supports the current DNR management needs voted out of office.

Harris Cooper




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