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Regional students take part in Social Studies Fair

April 3, 2012
The Inter-Mountain

Students from six counties in the RESA 7 districts gathered March 22 at the Middletown Mall in Fairmont to compete in the annual Social Studies Fair.

The students were divided into three divisions - grades four and five, grades six to eight and grades nine to 12. They competed in one of 10 categories: anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology, state and local studies, U.S. history, world history and international.

Students could compete as individuals or in small groups. First-place winners, who must have scored a 90 or better to receive a blue ribbon, in each of the groupings will be eligible to compete in the State Social Studies Fair on April 20 at the Charleston Civic Center.

Division I

blue-ribbon winners:

Anthropology: Kathryn Grace, Preston County. Blaine Arbaugh, Jordan Gum and Jake Tackett, Randolph County.

Economics: Cade Wolfe, Wyatt Bernatowicz, Tucker Carr and Shawn Shultz, Preston County.

Geography: Ethan Haskiell, Preston County. Alexys Stull and Tori Garlits, Preston County.

Political Science: Brett Smith, Randolph County. Eleanor Noone, Madelyn Lalama and Megan Murray, Harrison County.

Psychology: Chase Steele, Gilmer County. Poncho Reyna and Bailey Cook, Harrison County.

Sociology: Michael DiBacco, Randolph County. Emma Williams and Brooke DeBerry, Preston County.

State & local studies: Andra Bee, Harrison County. Andrew Hart and Alison Dillsworth, Preston County.

U.S. history: Chesney Manko, Preston County. Tyler Dawson, Ben Pell and Bryson Stonebraker, Preston County.

World history: Caitlyn Swecker, Randolph County. Sofia Triplett and Kayla Bassoff, Randolph County.

Division II

blue-ribbon winners:

Anthropology: Ashleigh Davis, Harrison County. Axl Miller and Scott Mankins, Preston County.

Economics: Ryan Brewer, Preston County. Malia Howard and Amna Haque, Harrison County.

Geography: Tiffini Sisler, Preston County. Nicci Barker and Carly Barlow, Preston County.

Psychology: Cordell Summers, Preston County.

Sociology: Samantha Kines, Tucker County.

State & local studies: Alex Mazza, Harrison County. Kaitlyn Smith, Caroline DeBerry and Maddie Gallo, Harrison County.

U.S. history: Peyton Fazenbaker, Preston County. George Triplett and Hayden Long, Randolph County.

World history: Peyton Shields, Randolph County. Shane Cupp and Allan Hughes, Preston County.

Division III

blue-ribbon winners:

Anthropology: Kevin Tobin, Harrison County. Christina Snodgrass and Nicholas Snodgrass, Harrison County.

Economics: Lucas Bolyard and Randy Peck, Harrison County.

Political science: Haden Kersting, Harrison County.

Psychology: Caitlyn May, Preston County.

Sociology: Tyler Mayne, Preston County.

U.S. history: Alexis Schmidl, Preston County.

World history: Ty Wickline, Harrison County.

Division I

red-ribbon winners:

Anthropology: Aodhan Minney, Randolph County.

Economics: Raeanne Beckner, Harrison County.

Geography: Cole Crumm, Randolph County.

Political science: Madison Summers and Brooklyn Twigg, Preston County.

Psychology: Lauryn Wyman, Preston County. Nate Pompili and Ethan Wimer, Preston County.

Sociology: John Kolodziej, Harrison County. Victoria Mazzie and Sophia Martino, Harrison County.

State & local studies: Megan Noss, Preston County. Julia Muller and Jessica Mordan, Harrison County.

U.S. history: Richard Shryock and Ethan Spraberry, Randolph County.

World history: Jett Chidester, Preston County. Daphne Carroll and Madeline Warnick, Preston County.

Division II

red-ribbon winners:

Anthropology: Russell Ward, Randolph County. Ben Jones and Alex Rosencrance, Randolph County.

Economics: Logan Pennington, Tucker County. Kyatt Bailey and Megan Morral, Randolph County.

Psychology: Morgan Sands, Randolph County.

Sociology: Bailey Roy, Preston County. Kaci Zopp and Hali Newlon, Randolph County.

State & local studies: Brandon Mayle, Preston County. Abby Swiger and Grace Childs, Preston County.

U.S. history: John Fregonara, Randolph County. Luke Poling and Connor Nestor, Tucker County.

World history: Anna Markley, Preston County. Mason Clark and Alex Hinkle, Randolph County.

Division III

red-ribbon winners:

Economics: Katie Shaffer, Harrison County. Ryan Lenhart and MaryAnn Morris, Preston County.

Sociology: Philip Wilson, Harrison County. Patrick Ellis and Joseph Ellis, Harrison County.

U.S. history: Alex Florio, Harrison County. Jordan Brown and Santino Cava, Harrison County.

World history: Lauren Duckworth, Preston County.

Division I

yellow-ribbon winners:

Anthropology: Shayla Bourn, Gilmer County.

Economics: Nonee High, Randolph County. Anna Ford and Madison Seti, Harrison County.

Geography: Ethan Edmond, Barbour County.

Psychology: Abrianna White, Barbour County.

Sociology: Ryan Peaslee, Preston County. Anna Marie Ruf and Austin Davis, Barbour County.

State & local studies: Madison Hart, Randolph County. Taylee Tollman and Carson Cvechko, Barbour County.

U.S. history: Lyndon Wagoner, Barbour County. Brooke Driscoll and Anna Casto, Harrison County.

World history: Zachary Nicholas, Gilmer County. Callia Byard, Abigail Waterson and Lindsay Morais, Harrison County.

Division II

yellow-ribbon winners:

Anthropology: Maddy Graham, Preston County. Carrie Wickline and Vanessa Kiger, Harrison County.

Economics: Seth Price, Harrison County. Allison Bolyard and Shyanna Uphold, Preston County.

Psychology: Mikala Betler, Tucker County.

Sociology: Cassidy Wine, Gilmer County. Logan Seigh and Kearstin Losh, Preston County.

State & local studies: Caleb Skinner, Gilmer County.

U.S. history: Dylan McCullough, Harrison County. Dawn Kelly and Brianna Grimes, Preston County.

World history: Taylor Nicholas, Gilmer County. Grace Freeman and Josh Freeman, Tucker County.

Division III

yellow-ribbon winner:

Psychology: Nina Stump, Harrison County.



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