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The lies at the pump

April 14, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


I think the American people are being lied to.

There is more danger and damage done by the use of and certainly the increase of the addition of Ethanol in our gas. You lose horsepower and get less miles per gallon with the use of Ethanol.

It can be more expensive to produce, but more than that is the damage Ethanol causes to internal combustion engines. Case in point. I just paid here in Florida $900 to repair my 90-horse power four stroke Mercury outboard motor. The rubber seal and other parts of the engine were ruined to the extent that repairs were required.

Just ask most small engine repair shops and they will fill you in on what they see and have to do to repair engines because of the exposure to Ethanol. Here in Florida we are lucky we can go to a local gas wholesaler and buy Ethanol-free gas that they sell to Marinas and other outdoor fuel users. Automobiles are exposed to the same harmful Ethanol in the gas.

Last summer I went to Woodford's and asked if they sold any non-ethanol gas. I was told there were no more Ethanol- free sources in the area. There used to be a dealer in Philippi who sold Ethanol-free gas, but I think they went out of business.

I don't mind paying more for Ethanol-free gas because it saves me money in the long run. This is not the quick fix they promise, it is really bad for us in the long run.

Richard Cardot

Elkins and Florida



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