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Tee Time

Mike Rogers’ Tee Time Tips

May 1, 2012
John Wickline , The Inter-Mountain

Slow Down and Play Faster: I know that every golfer has heard this from their buddies when they have played.

"You are swinging at it too fast." To some extent that may be correct, but it is not with the swing, it is with the pre-shot routine. Many golfers just walk up to the ball and hit it. Often times when I am giving a lesson, I tell my students "if you play slower, you can actually play faster." Meaning that if you take a couple extra seconds -and ONLY a couple of extra seconds - with each shot and go through a pre-shot routine or a "checklist" of what you need to do to execute the shot you want. This pre-shot routine will assure the proper grip, alignment and stance. When you execute the shot you want, you will hit fewer shots in the round and thus play faster since you did not have to hit the ball as many times or have to hunt for as many golf balls throughout the round.

To prove this, I think about when I was hired as the Women's Golf Coach at West Virginia Wesleyan College.

The "office" I was given wasn't really an office, it was a desk and file cabinet in the indoor practice facility. The file cabinet was full of old files and tournament results that I had to sort through to make space for my files.

One of the items that I found in that file cabinet was some notes about the golf swing, hand written by the late John Myers, who coached Wesleyan golf for over 30 years and who I am proud to say was a mentor of mine growing up playing golf and also when I began my coaching career. I am sure that these notes were used in his golf classes at Wesleyan or with his teams over the years.

The one thing in these notes that really caught my eye was the fact that the golf swing takes between 1.5 to 2 seconds to make. No matter how you think the swing felt, fast or slow, it was probably only two tenths of a second difference between the "fast" swing and the "slow" swing.

Tee Time Tip of the Week: Take a couple of extra seconds with each shot and go through your pre-shot routine each time. By playing slower, you will actually play faster and have more fun playing golf.



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