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2012 primary election results

May 8, 2012
The Inter-Mountain

Here are the latest election returns:

Randolph County

County Commission -

Tammy Lipscomb, 547

Jerry D. Teter, D, 1,003

Darlene R. Phares, D, 1,428

Mike Taylor, D, 1,834

Mike House, R, 1,096

Prosecuting Attorney -

Dwight R. Hall, D, 1,285

Michael W. Parker, D, 3,422

Sheriff -

John K. Miller, D, 465

Mark T. Brady, D, 2,257

Randall Neal Elmore, D, 989

Lynn Phillips, D, 1,171

Bruce K. Howell, R, 862

Assessor - Phyllis K. Yokum, D, 3,898

Magistrate -

Chris Heflin, D, 1,840

George Mike Riggleman, D, 3,443

Robert R. "Rob" Elbon Jr., D, 2,923

Benjamin E. Shepler, R, 1,083

Surveyor -

Leon G. Mallow, R, 1,143

Board of Education -

Harvey Taylor, Tygart District, 2,593

Norman A. Teter, Elkins District, 2,296

Stephanie J. Shank, Elkins District, 1,399

Bruce Haddix, Cheat District, 3,069

Conservation District -

Tom G. Warner, Tygart District, 4,711

11th Senatorial District -

Margaret Kerr Beckwith, D, 2,115

Paul "P.J" Louk, D, 2,154

Clark Barnes, R, 1,232

43rd Delegate District -

Denise L. Campbell, D, 3,154

Bill Hartman, D, 2,252

Phil Isner, D, 2,358

Donna Auvil, R, 1,137

Bruce K. Howell, R, N/A

44th Delegate District -

Sue Blake Andersen, D, 8

Dana Lynch, D, 13

Joe Talbott, D, 11

Duane Borchers Sr., R, 2

Robert Karnes, R, 26

Upshur County

County Commission -

Keith D. Nichols, R, N/A;

Creed Pletcher, R, N/A;

Troy "Buddy" Brady III, R,N/A;

Stephen Abel, D, N/A.

Prosecuting Attorney -

Jacob E. "Jake" Reger, R, N/A.

Sheriff -

David Taylor, R, N/A;

Larry Dale Fidler, R, N/A;

Mike Kelley, R, N/A;

Assessor -

Dale P. Bennett, R, N/A;

Helen Waybright Phillips, R, N/A.

Magistrate -

Kay Hurst, R, N/A;

Mike Coffman, R, N/A;

Juanita E. Adams, R, N/A;

Gini McCourt Davison, R, N/A.

Surveyor -

Donna Sue Matthews, D, N/A

Board of Education -

Rick White, 3rd District, N/A

Nicholas T. Cutright, 2nd District, N/A

Hazel R. Ware, 3rd District, N/A

Tammy Jo Samples, 3rd District, N/A

Alan M. Suder, 2nd District, N/A

Conservation District Supervisor -

Rex Reeder, Tygart Valley District, N/A

Conservation District Supervisor (unexpired) -

John Sencindiver, Tygart Valley District, N/A

11th Senatorial District -

Margaret Kerr Beckwith, D, N/A

Paul "P.J" Louk, D, N/A

Clark Barnes, R, N/A

44th Delegate District

Sue Blake Andersen, D, N/A

Dana Lynch, D, N/A

Joe Talbott, D, N/A

Duane Borchers Sr., R, N/A

Robert Karnes, R, N/A

45th Delegate District

Bill Hamilton, R, N/A

46th Delegate District

Peggy Donaldson Smith, D, N/A

Barbour County

County Commission

Dana Booth, D498

Eddie Canterbury,D515

Ken Auvil, D478

Phil Hart, R472

Shirley J. Whitesell, R337

David Everson, R347


John Wesley Hawkins, D999

James "Skip" Morris, D486

Carlton"Jody" Haller, R769


John M. Cutright, R981


Tina Mouser, D1,090

Kathi S. McBee,D1,160

Board of Education

Judy Mae Gain, North District576

Thomas Mouser, North District 545

Dana A. Stemple, North District1,153

Rex Freeman, North District766

Eric Ruf, South District901

Stanley Swick, South District540

Conservation Supervisor

Sam Wright, N/A

14th Senatorial District

Bob Williams, D, 1,243

47th Delegate District

Mary M. Poling, D1,297

John R. Rose Sr., R928

Tucker County

County Commission -

Diane L. Hinkle, D62

Pat A. Nichols, D83

Samuel G. Goughnour, D50

Prosecuting Attorney

Ray Lamora, R32

Andrea Roberts, D85

Frank P. Bush Jr., D29

Chris Cooper, D58


Brian K. Wilfong, D167

Charles Fred Trader Jr., Rn/a


Paul "Butch" Burns, D149


Riley H. Barb, D120

Judy Evans Long, D95

Carol D. Irons, D84

Board of Education

Timothy Turner, Shavers Fork99

S. Eldon Harper, Shavers Fork85

Joel Goughnour, Shavers Fork92

Marvin E. Parsons, Cheat River 119

Conservation District Supervisor

James "Jim" Nester Sr.195

Ed Michael23

14th Senatorial District

Bob Williams, Dxxx

53rd Delegate District

Stan Shaver, Dxxx

Randy E. Smith, Rxxx

47th Delegate District

Mary M. Poling, Dxxx

John R. Rose Sr., Rxxx



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