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Tee Time

Mike Rogers’ Tee Time Tips

June 6, 2012
The Inter-Mountain

It's either the clubs, the swing or both: Today's tee time tip comes from a reader wanting to know "why do I slice my driver while I hook my long and mid-irons?"

A questions that as a PGA Golf Professional I hear more than you might think. The answer can be as simple as "it is your clubs" or as complicated as "it is your swing," but generally it is somewhat a combination of both. Let me explain all three, and if this begins to sound like a commercial for myself as a PGA Professional or my fellow PGA Professionals, it kind of is since is what we as PGA Professionals do for a living.

The answer "it is your clubs" can and often times is a matter of the player has a mismatched set of clubs or an off-the-rack set of clubs that you might buy that are not "right" for your swing.

The set is most generally made up a Driver and 3-wood with graphite shafts and the remainder of the set, your irons, are steel shafts. The clubs with the graphite shafts will have more degrees of torque or twisting at the head area; therefore, when you hit the ball the club head will twist or open up causing the club to impart sidespin on the golf ball and make it bend to the right or slice for a right-handed golfers.

The irons on the other hand are steel-shafted and do not have as many degrees of torque when you hit the ball. In this case a proper club-fitting from a PGA Professional would help correct a lot of the problem.

The answer of "it is your swing" is that of the player is actually making a different swing at the ball with Driver and 3-wood than he/she is with his/her long irons. This is where a lesson from a PGA Professional would help.

Finally the answer of "somewhat of a combination of both" is generally what I see when the player does come to me and asks this question.

What we generally find out is the player has a set of clubs that is not "fit" for them and that, combined with some flaws, the ball is hit with a slice by the woods, and due to swing flaw the long irons are hooked. Some time with a PGA Professional can help both areas and can be cheaper in the long-run than just running out and buying a new set of clubs.



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