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Herock sees more changes in football

June 8, 2012

MORGANTOWN-If you think the shuffling in the makeup of major conferences in the nation's intercollegiate athletics is settling soon, maybe you should think again.

That's the view of Ken Herock, former West Virginia University football standout and a veteran of 37 years in football-related work.

"First of all, the game has changed tremendously in both college and the National Football League," he said. "Both are considerably different now from when I played back there in the 1960s."

Herock does think the changes probably are for the better generally.

"The part that bothers me is the different conferences and everything they're doing right now."

Asked where he thinks it's going to wind up, Herock replied: "I think it's going to wind up with probably four or five super conferences.

"How many teams in each? Maybe even more then 16. How about 20.

"That would be a total of 80 schools with 20 teams in each and even some others if not in the same divisions.

"It could be a lesser version of that."

If there are only four super conferences left, he believes those might start with 20 teams. If there are five, that would be a total of 100 teams.

"There might be East and West or North and South divisions or whatever they wind up having," Herock continued. "But I don't think any of that has settled in yet obviously. I think eventually, maybe not in your lifetime or my lifetime; it will be settled in 10, 15, or 20 years."

The late Fred Schaus, former WVU All-America basketball star and later head coach, said he envisioned in 1982 as many as five or six mega-conferences in the future. Schaus was also thinking the number of teams in each might be about 16.

"There could be six major conferences, as coach Schaus suggested," Herock said.

It will be interesting to see how things look when all is said and done many years from now.

In the process, friend Hal Shamberger has said the time may come when athletic conferences take over their own wheeling and dealing and put the NCAA out of business.

I certainly would not be surprised if that happens. One thing is certain: Intercollegiate athletics have become a big, big business.



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