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America’s wake up call

June 9, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


A college education or a calculator, neither one is necessary when you check the price of natural gas in 2008. It was between $15 and $17. Check the price in 2012 - around $2, thanks to the abundant supply produced by Marcellus well drilling.

If we were allowed to drill for oil in America, gasoline prices would be around $2.50. Gasoline prices this spring in Mexico are around $2.91. Iran uses natural gas in their vehicles and sells their crude oil to buy weapons to kill us.

Think of the jobs, the revenue, the national security, the decrease in the price of gas, groceries, building materials and plastic products, etc. if we would just drill our own oil. We may have to disturb the caribou, the crayfish and that group of people who want you to believe they love lizards and trees.

Wake up America - before it's too late.

Randall McCauley




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