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Washing machine and detergent Christian faith

June 30, 2012
By Pastor Stephen W. Pyle Elkins Church of God of Prophecy , The Inter-Mountain

Hey everyone, a metaphoric approach to the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ:

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow." At last, our washing machine is running again. It now agitates, washes, spins and gets the dirt out. The motor was replaced recently. We are free to stay in our apartment and wash clothes as needed. Thank you Lord.

Jesus will wash our souls clean and bright if we repent, and confess our sins. We need to let Christ touch our eternal "motor" and allow him once again to wash us with his blood and "spin" out all the dirt. If we are soon "agitated" by the affairs of this life, the Lord can create within us a right spirit, and a pure "wash cycle." The world "spins" while he sits on the "circle of the earth." (Isaiah)

Even if our temporal human washing machine (earthly body) was manufactured by him in China, Mexico, the USA or elsewhere, we can operate a "full load" with less "agitation," not "spinning" around and constantly being hot and cold. Our cycles of life, can remain programmed by the software of his Holy Spirit.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shed his precious blood on Mount Calvary more than 2,000 years ago, that we might have eternal life. He didn't stay in the grave. He remained only for three days and nights and rose again. He lives forevermore to be our High Priest, Our Savior and Lord, our Redeemer, our Messiah, our soon coming bridegroom and king.

Christ is the supreme washing machine and "X-tra" cleansing laundry detergent. Jesus can brighten our eternal clothes with His mighty "Arm and Hammer." His "Oxodol" is whiter than a fuller's soap (Malachi).

Our sinful "Ivory" nature can be sanctified, become 100 percent pure and whiter than "snow."

Our outer garments can be cleansed and softened from "All" spots or wrinkles with his eternal "Final Touch."

Jesus is the true "Mr. Clean" and even if we're feeling somewhat "Downy," he can lift us up and restore our "Bold" faith in him.

Once his precious blood makes us "Spic and Span," God's grace will be "Fab" as he makes us "Purex" gold.

When He returns quicker than a "Dash" for his glorious church or should we leave before, He'll row us over Jordan's "Tide" without "spot or wrinkle" (Ephesians).

Jesus will "Wisk" us into His eternal and glorious "Era." We'll "Snuggle" softly next to Him forever.

We have too much to "Gain" to lose. Be of good "Cheer," he has overcome the world.

So when the washing cycles of this life become agitated, please remember, as this world malfunctions with a broken motor, Christ will help us to stop spinning out of control, will fix our broken washers, rinse the dirty water, and dry our tears. We'll rest eternally, with "Les-toil" forever. Do you get my "Dreft?"



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