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Stand against the EPA

June 30, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


I am writing to thank Sen. Manchin for standing up to out-of-control EPA regulators who are trying to shut down coal-fired power plants in this country. Thank you for voting "yes" on Senator Inhofe's resolution to overturn the costly Utility MACT rule.

Unfortunately, Sen. Rockefeller agrees to take on the responsibility of possible brownouts and blackouts due to his vote against this bill and take responsibility for consumers in West Virginia having to pay much higher electricity rates in the near future.

We can all agree that regulations to promote clean air are important, but the Utility MACT rule did not pass the common sense test by any stretch of the imagination. The rule imposes billions of dollars of costs on the American economy, all for health and environmental benefits that are almost entirely made up.

Instead of bowing to the junk science of unaccountable bureaucrats at the EPA, Sen. Manchin voted to preserve our access to affordable electricity. Please continue to keep us energy consumers in mind as you oversee other costly EPA regulations. I know Sen. Manchin is serious when he stated he was "saddened" to hear of the most recent mine shut downs from Arch Coal, where thanks to the EPA 750 more citizens from three states will lose their jobs now. And thanks to the EPA and Sen. Rockefeller and other Democrats in the Senate, we can look forward to higher energy costs along with blackouts.

We will remember the names of those who chose consumers over the excessive regulations of the EPA and those who chose to take responsibility, like Sen. Rockefeller, for the coming blackouts due to the undependability of our energy now along with consumer's pain of trying to figure out how they are going to pay for higher energy costs. I would like to remind everyone to vote in November and remember which one stood for you, the consumer, and which one stood for the over-reaching excessive powers of the EPA.

Rhonda Brooks




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