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Storm serves as a wake-up call

July 5, 2012
The Inter-Mountain

We've heard a lot of comments and different perspectives on last weekend's storm and its subsequent power outage. One that struck us as most interesting came from Laura DePriest Stackpole of Buckhannon, who said, "It isn't ideal, but I think that it gives people a wake-up call and reminds them of everything they take for granted."

Every time we turn on the television, fire up our computers or press "start" on the microwave, we don't even think about them not working. It's almost an automatic response for us to flip a light switch when we enter a room. In fact, many of us are in such a habit of that, that we've done it even when the power has been out. Using all of these things, and so many others, powered by electricity has become a way of life.

What about being without the essential source that we depend on so heavily? It hasn't been easy for many. Consider those who have suffered the 90-plus degree temperatures without air conditioning. For others, it has been life threatening. Oxygen patients depend on a power source to help them breathe. Yet for many more, it's just a major inconvenience.

As modern-day American we're lucky to have all the devices and appliances our forefathers couldn't even imagine and residents of some of today's third-world countries live without.

We are resourceful, though, and have found other ways to cook food, light up our homes and entertain ourselves. We also are surviving, too.

In the meantime, we can be thankful for all the things we take for granted.



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