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Disaster in the state

July 14, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


It is apparent that West Virginia was not ready for what we have just gone through and some are still experiencing.

We were hit with a "thunderstorm," albeit one that was packing 70-to-90-mile-an-hour winds. My question is, where was this "emergency plan" we have been hearing about that was supposed to have been created a few years ago so resources could be pooled together and moved on quickly? Why are there no emergency generators at the water plants and the sewer plants to provide the water that is needed and the treatment of the waste?

What this shows me is it all sounds good in a sound bite or in a quote in the newspaper, but when it comes to having something working, "Oh, that will take some more time" is what we all hear.

Well County Commission, you got the money to put a program in place, so where is it? We don't need to hear that the storm was too big or we had no notice or that it was dark outside and they couldn't see anything. All we want to know is where is this plan that was supposed to take care of the people of Randolph County if disaster struck?

Well the storm is gone and we got nothing from you in the way of help, supplies or resources; and I'm sure if we check we will find that there is no emergency plan, but I'm sure it's being worked on.

A fat lot of good that has done to help pull Randolph Country through this state of crisis we find ourselves in now. People were left to fend for themselves with no direction from our authorities as to what the people need to do and where to go to find the things they needed such as gasoline, food, water and help with getting their power back on and fallen trees off their houses and property.

It's time to man up and get the job done. Put a plan in place so the right resources can be ready the next time. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It just has to work, and the right individual entities of this need to know what their job is. That's all.

Let's see if they get it right the next time. This could be a new mark to set for getting a plan up and running in this county. Good luck.

Mike McRae




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