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Check twice, hire once

July 14, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


Readers, please learn from my experience with a contractor.

I entered into a signed contract with him, which detailed the work he would complete installing a new metal roof on my building. After completing the work, I experienced several issues with the roof, including numerous leaks. He did not resolve any of these issues.

Upon calling the West Virginia Contractors Licensing Board, I was notified that he is not a licensed contractor. Therefore, that gave me little recourse in resolving my problems.

Finally, I was forced to find another contractor, who was licensed, to inspect the roof and perform the necessary repairs it needed. This licensed contractor determined the roof had been installed incorrectly and confirmed that several critical items from my original contract were never completed, such as installing a vapor barrier. Furthermore, there was a large portion of the roof support deck missing and several areas left open to rodent infestations.

The roof was completely removed and reinstalled correctly.

My hope is that other home or building owners in the area read this and learn from my experience. Please make sure you hire a licensed and insured contractor to perform any work on your behalf.

Ask to see their license and proof of insurance. Also make sure they are licensed in the work they will be doing for you. Otherwise, you may end up paying twice to have someone else come back and do the work properly like I did.

Margaret Posey




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