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‘A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away’

The Daily Grind

July 21, 2012
By Kimberly Morgan , The Inter-Mountain

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Those are common words to those of us living in the deeply religious Appalachian mountains.

You and I have discovered throughout our lives that the only true constant besides our Lord, is change. Change is hard for those of us who like sameness, security and routine. On the contrary, some seem to thrive on change. To those, I tip a proverbial hat. I, for one, do not enjoy change. Did you know that one of the essential needs of a woman is security? Psychologists teach it to be so. I for one, agree, though all may not.

With this in mind, I feel like getting a box of tissues and having a big Kleenex-a-thon this morning. I must share with you, though. As the cool crisp air wafts into my bedroom this morning, I am reminded that His mercies are new every morning, and that He is faithful. Because He is faithful, so should we do likewise. When we receive guidance, we should set our face like a "flint" and go toward that purpose.

As the seasons change, so does our lives, and with that said, this will be my last and final article written for the paper. I knew last week, but questioned myself, and then remembered, "His ways are not my ways," and then the "window" my husband and I have been praying for has opened.

My daughter created a beautiful tapestry by needlepoint that hangs beside our bed. It reads: "When God closes a door, He opens a window." We've been praying for our window, and though all is not clear as yet, a couple of windows have flung wide open and I am compelled to climb through. One is the opportunity that had already presented itself through the Mary L. Booth Bible that we donated to the great Abolotionist museum, and the connection with the prolific author who leads the museum and her willingness to aid in publishing my daughter Kristin's journals.

Believe me when I say that Kristin's journals should not be left to my reading only. I had never read them until she went to heaven, and I am astounded at the young woman that she was. So compiling and writing her story is paramount at this time.

With that said, I'll share the other window that has opened. I received a phone call this week that further confirmed we are on the right track as we try to pick up the pieces of our lives and also Kristin's mission in the human trafficking movement. You see, Kristin had been handed a book the weekend she came in for July 4 last year. She was devouring it and could not put it down. Her twitter tweet was "ican'tputitdown literally."

The book was in the car with her at the time of the accident, and absorbed her life's blood (literally) as she left her body. Feeling it was "no accident" I contacted the author, who had already became a friend of Kristin's through social media. He requested the book. Upon receipt, he choose to take it to Thailand. His arrival coincided with the exact date in December that she was to have landed in Thailand to rescue victims from the brothels. A service was conducted with several clergy and the book with her life's blood was buried in Thailand soil.

The author of the book has been more than supportive throughout this year of intense grief. I received a phone call from him with a request that humbled me and proved to be one of the "windows" Jamie and I have been praying. He asked that I serve on the advisory board to Abolish Slavery in the United States and the world. We will be meeting in New York City in the coming month. The abolish slavery group is active literally all over the world, and though I didn't see this coming, I certainly embrace the opportunity to carry on Kristin's work, thus I know it is God's work.

Another opportunity given is to include "Kristin's Hope" - the not-for-profit organization we founded in memory of Kristin to help the victims of human trafficking - on their website. And, yes, it is a bit overwhelming, but the author is also in negotiations with one of the major television networks on a series about human trafficking. Kristin's Hope is coming to fruition: that God would rescue the downtrodden, oppressed and those held captive. The series will literally rescue human trafficked victims in New York City and beyond. Below is the mission statement to our organization: Abolish Slavery Coalition:

The Abolish Slavery Coalition's mission is to end the plight of millions of people who are currently enslaved by human traffickers and stop this crime against humanity from ever happening again. This very day, victims of human trafficking are being imprisoned, beaten, abused, prostituted, silenced, sold and murdered by criminals who are often exploiting the victims youth, vulnerability and financial challenges for the gain of their own criminal enterprise. Abolish Slavery acts to empower individuals like you, groups, government and non-government organizations to free modern day slaves and stop this crime from ever happening again. Extraordinary things start by a simple "extra" action of an "ordinary" person just like you. Please act today to help Abolish Slavery free the slaves and bring an end to this horrific crime.

We create long-term, sustainable solutions to abolish slavery by establishing and mentoring Human Trafficking Task Forces. With jurisdiction we can rescue women and children from human trafficking in the United States and abroad.

Needless to say, with all of this, my focus and primary purpose now until I die (as I see it) is to rescue and rehabilitate those who have been taken captive in human trafficking. This "blows my mind," pardon the expression, as I thought as my boys were now older, that I'd be serving God is a more "coasting" sort of way instead of this "full steam ahead" and brand new vision and life that He's given me. I love the saying: "Do you want to make God laugh? Then, tell Him your plans".

How do I say thank you to The Inter-Mountain for allowing me this absolutely amazing opportunity the past six years? And you? How do I thank you for allowing me to share, whine, grieve openly, laugh and vent? You have been more than a therapist to me, you, dear reader, have been my friends, and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. I thank God for you. Your support throughout the years, and the final two years in particular. Two years ago, I walked a path I thought would kill me, only to come out of the woods on that to the most devastating moment of my life when I lost my girl, Kristin. Thank you for being "Jesus with skin on" to me and my family. Thank you for loving the boys, accepting Jamie as one of your own, and most of all for praying for us. Please know that it is the one thing I am the most grateful for above all else. However, I will never forget how so many of you filled our home the week of July 4. I am so very humbled and grateful. From the initial moments until now, you have supported us, and I ask, no I beg you, to please continue praying as we come to mind. Honestly, as the devastation now is reality every second of the day, (as is common as the year anniversary passes), I covet your prayers. Also, pray for the new doors that God has opened. Wow. Again, coasting is not an option and full steam ahead we go. "Yet not I, but Christ who lives within me" will need do this through me. It is not in me, and I know it.

Now back to you. Thank you, a million times over, thank you for walking with me through the crazy mountain Lion, (Lilly, Freaky and Tu-tu) and her cubs. Remember? Oh my lands, those were crazy days for certain. You have allowed me to enter your homes and share my ups and my downs. I always felt as if we were sitting at my kitchen table sharing a cup of tea when I wrote. I attempted to write to individuals who I assumed were facing hurts, disappointments, heartache and grief intermingled with some joy. I never thought of you as a collective group, but rather I have thought of you as individuals and asked God to meet your needs in some small way through me. If I've entertained you but a little, inspired you a tinge, or God worked in your life, then I am happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to The Inter-Mountain, and my friends for being such a vital part of my life. I'm sure this "connection" will continue into eternity.

In the meantime, Keep the faith. And remember: "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven." Much love, Kim

(Kimberly Morgan, MA, is a wife and mom in Elkins. She also is co-founder with her husband, Jamie, of Kristin's Hope now working with the Abolish Slavery Coalition. She also is a counselor at Cornerstone Christian Counseling. Contact her at 304-637-1109.)



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