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The victims suffered the real tragedy

July 25, 2012
EDGAR?KELLEY IN?THE?BOX , The Inter-Mountain
It seems you can’t pick up a newspaper, turn on the television or change the dial on the radio without hearing something about Penn State and the tragic events that took place on its campus. And when I say tragic, I mean in the sense of what happened to the numerous victims at the hands of former coach Jerry Sandusky, and that some at the university covered up what transpired. But that word “tragic” has taken on an entirely different meaning with some former players, students and others involved with the football program. Ever since it was announced on Monday what kind of punishment the NCAA?was handing the school, many Penn State followers have harshly reacted to the NCAA and its decision. Several used that word “tragic” to describe what the NCAA?did to their beloved school and program. It’s evident that most of these folks are speaking before actually thinking. That’s the only conclusion I can come up with as to why they would scold the NCAA?for what it did. If for one second, before they spurted out how bad it was for Penn State, they sat back and really reflected on what had happened to so many youngsters, I think many of them would feel that the punishment fits the crime. The death penalty could have been administered to Penn State and I would have been fine with that decision. And I think many others would agree. Penn State was allowed to keep its program. Now it’s time to do the time and attempt to do the impossible — refurbish the university’s image. But most of all, just zip it up. The longer supporters of the program continue to spout off about how bad they were treated by the NCAA, the longer people who were actually devastated by what happened have to remember what transpired. Penn State suffered a flesh wound compared to the physicological trauma all the victims have to live with for the rest of their lives. HITTING?THE?TRAIL: In the wake of Monday’s NCAA?sanctions, many Penn State players and recruits are weighing their options for the future. The NCAA is allowing any current player on the current Nittany Lion roster to transfer without sitting out a year. Many of them have already been rumored to be headed elsewhere. Because college coaches can’t currently speak to recruits, high school coaches across the East Coast have been relentlessly taking phone calls from mentors about Penn State recruits. It’s rumored that several current players, along with many recruits, especially from the Baltimore (Md.) area, now have West Virginia on their radar.


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