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Randolph County bond call important to schools

October 27, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


Thank you, Dr. Phares.

I have to support our current superintendent of schools. For the first time there is someone in that office who is not swayed by the parents and moneygrubbers of this county. When he took office, there had been no major repairs to any of the schools within our system for many years.

So at the open meeting, you get some misinformed person standing up and wanting to know why her vote was being bought. The problem with this is that so many of the people not only in our state but around the country listen to someone they think has the answers instead of reading up on why the superintendent is asking for a levy. I must say he did a good job of handling that issue and I applaud him for that.

If you don't know why the levy is needed, then you have been living in a hole somewhere all your life. The fact that I have to write this is a good reason for education in this country. I have to applaud the teachers and staff for showing up in buildings that you didn't know if there was going to be heat and in the summertime you had to have every window open so they could continue to teach.

Now we have a bond call and everyone is surprised. I'm sorry but are you blind or deaf? When you drop off your child to the school they attend, do you not look to see the condition the building they are going into might need repair? Or when your kid comes home and tells you they had to wear a coat all day because the heat was out, do you not hear?

Now we have someone that wants to fix the problem and everyone I have talked to wants to throw him under the bus. They say how dare he ask us to pay for the repairs or replacement of our schools.

The answer to that is if you had had a levy in place years ago, you wouldn't have to be paying for it now.

It is your duty as a parent to see to it that your children have a safe learning environment and a school that is safe to attend.

If you knew there was a problem and you sat on the sidelines and did nothing, you are just as much to blame. So be more proactive in your child's education. That way if problems arise, you can band together and see to it that the school board will fix the problem.

These levies and bonds are needed, and they are going to be a way of life if you want the quality of education you think your children need to get to college.

Michael McRae




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