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Giving a present to yourself

December 12, 2012
By Mike Myer , The Inter-Mountain

Local residents always seem to come through for the children at Christmas time. Few of us can bear the thought of a little girl or boy without a nice toy on Christmas morning, a family without a bountiful feast to celebrate the day or, for that matter, a youngster who doesn't have a warm coat for the rest of the winter.

So area residents always seem to dig into their pockets or checkbooks at about this time of year. We do it simply because many of us don't like the idea of our morning coffee on Dec. 25 being soured by regret at having forgotten to make a donation to an organization that helps the kids - and the possibility that, because our contribution wasn't made, there's a child out there getting little or nothing on the big day.

Well, folks, there are only about 10 giving days - at best - before charitable organizations will have to wrap up their collections and get into the distribution phase of their good work.

Some of them have not received enough donations to meet the needs they know about.

Unless you and I step up to the offering plate, so to speak, some children won't find much under the Christmas tree - if their families can even afford such decorations - on Dec. 25.

I encourage you to adopt a selfish attitude about the challenge.

As I've written for many years, you cannot receive a more wonderful Christmas gift than the one you can give yourself. It's simple: Make a generous donation to a charity and specify you want it to go toward Christmas presents for children.

In all likelihood, you know of an organization capable of handling that request. If not, I guarantee someone you know can make a suggestion.

On Christmas morning, before the hustle and bustle of the day begins, take a few minutes to give yourself a gift. Perhaps over a cup of coffee or tea, reflect for a moment on what's happening in a modest home or apartment somewhere in the valley.

A little boy is giggling with delight as he tears open a package containing the toy he'd hoped against hope Santa Claus would bring.

Or perhaps a little girl, wise beyond her years about St. Nicholas, is throwing her arms around mommy because the present she knew was beyond reach has, somehow, found its way into her hands.

Think of it: You made that happen. It might well have not been possible had you not helped - had you refused to take it for granted that if you didn't get around to making a donation, someone else would take up the slack.

These things may go through your mind as you're sipping that coffee or tea on Christmas morning.

As they do, I guarantee you'll be delighted with the gift you've given yourself.

It's the smile of a child - and there is nothing in the world like the feeling of knowing you made it happen.

Do it for yourself.

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