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Press Start!

Finding better results

April 6, 2013
By Anthony Gaynor Night Editor ( , The Inter-Mountain

I wrote a couple weeks ago about how slowing down can help in the world of gaming and in life, but now I am trying to figure out how to continue to improve my gaming skill. I have noticed that with my current video game of choice, "Halo 4," that I am not doing as well as I would like.

That has caused me to step back and take a look at why I am not playing as well. I decided to pull the game out of my XBox and slide in "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2." While I do not enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game very much and I haven't even touched the campaign, I have fallen into love with the "Zombie" mode of the game.

In this game mode players are on a limited map with upgrades and weapons and must face off against an unending horde of the undead. The whole point of the mode is to see how long you can survive. I have a blast playing this by myself or with a group of friends, but can't play many games because the repetition gets boring, so I jump back on Halo.

After the switch, I noticed my Halo games were going much better and I was finishing higher on my team and winning more games. I have came to the conclusion that the switch between games helped me play better at each. I've noticed that the repetition in both games makes me bored or not care about doing as well. I fall into the same traps, make the same mistakes and play poorly.

Changing up the game invigorates my play style and I accomplish more because the game is fresh. I tried to apply the same thing to my favorite card game, Magic the Gathering. I am a strong player and tend to build decent decks, but again I found myself not wanting to play and not doing as well. I looked over my card collection and saw that I have been playing the same decks for awhile now, they were good and won games, but the lack of innovation and the same lines of play were dragging me down.

I tore apart my favorite deck and decided to build something new. The new deck is not putting up as many wins, but it is allowing me to innovate the deck and constantly push it to make it better by adding and subtracting cards which completely changes the synergy of the way the cards play.

I enjoyed the building so much, I decided to throw together another deck and examine some of my other creations to see what I can do to improve the way they play. I

n doing this it has broken the repetition of playing the same things and has caused me to look at more cards and spend some more time with them which has improved my playing.

Writing this column has shown me how much gaming mirrors life. I think everyone gets stuck in a rut. Whether it be work, relationships or just life in general, things can get stale. So I have tried to shake up things in my life to see what happens. Waking up a bit earlier, trying something new, or just trying to do something differently has freshened up my outlook on life.

So if you are a gamer, try a new game, and if not, just add something new to your life. You may be surprised, may find a new hobby and life may just get a bit better too.



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