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Press Start!

Local shops provide great opportunities

April 27, 2013
By Anthony Gaynor - Night Editor ( , The Inter-Mountain

Playing Magic the Gathering is my favorite pastime. I think everyone who reads this column has figured that out. I said last week that I would keep people updated on my playtesting for the state tournament slated for May.

Testing has not gone as well as I had hoped in the last week. I still have two different decks I am looking at playing, but I am not sold on either of them. Part of the problem is that I haven't gotten to play a wide variety of games in the last week. A lot of my friends who I test with have had to work and had other obligations, plus I have been a bit under the weather and haven't had much of a desire to play.

The other issue I am having is that a new set, "Dragon's Maze," will be legal for the tournament. There are a ton of great cards that have been spoiled, but until I get the chance to play with them, I am not sure which ones I need to grab for my collection before the big tournament.

On the positive side, everyone will get the chance to play with the new cards today! The prerelease tournaments for the set are being played today at game shops across the world, including the local shops in the area. If you read this early enough on Saturday, you can stop by any of the shops and check out the prerelease. A lot of them required preregistration to play, but some of the tournaments may have open slots if you want to get in on the action. You can go online and visit to find stores and tournaments near where you live.

I did get to take the opportunity to go to Nerducopia to play some cards last Saturday. The shop is great and has a good group of players. My friend, Russ, and I went to the shop and jumped into a Two-Headed Giant tournament they were hosting. Russ and I each grabbed a deck. I played my Elves deck while Russ shuffled up Blind Zombies. The tournament was fun and went really well. The best part was there was no entry fee to play. The tournament was single elimination, and throughout the course of the games team "Blind Elves" took down the whole tournament without losing a single game!

The card players at the shop are all very friendly, seemed more than willing to help out new players and were very reasonable to trade with.

I still play a lot of cards in Elkins at Counter Culture Concepts, but I hope to make the trip to Buckhannon more often to play.

If you haven't been to Nerducopia, I highly recommend the trip. The shop has everything that make gamers, nerds or geeks excited. As a bit of an aside, I do not use the term nerd or geek as derogatory. I am a gaming nerd or geek and proud of it. If you are also a nerd, a geek or a gamer, take pride in it. We know what we like to do for fun and no one can take that away from us.

Back to Nerducopia, it has an awesome selection of collectible toys that range from Transformers, to comic book heros, to The Walking Dead and Doctor Who. If you are looking for a great place to shop for that comic book, anime, cartoon or sci-fi fan, the store should have you covered.

The owners of the shop are also awesome and very friendly.

Over the course of the next week, I plan on testing more for the state tournament and trying to settle on a deck that I will play. I will use the prerelease today to check out and play with some of the new cards.

Hopefully, luck will be on my side and I will bust open some packs with the awesome rare cards that I need.

To anyone out there playing, good luck, and I hope to see you across the table. Send any feedback or questions to If you are looking to get into the card game or other gaming, shoot me a message.



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