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Does ignorance or tyranny rule in U.S.?

June 22, 2013
The Inter-Mountain


As we watch and listen to what is happening in Washington (and government as a whole for that matter, from the White House to the courthouse) an old saying comes to mind: "Ignorance is bliss."

God is kinder when he states that man is "ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth (II Timothy 3:7)." I believe our President confirmed this notion recently in one of his many foolish statements. In regard to the outlandish, criminal activity of the IRS, he stated, "I found out about this the same way you did as I turned on the news." God help America!

Either this President is the biggest liar to sit in the Oval Office (and we have had some liars) or he is the worst leader of any administration that our nation has ever seen (or maybe both). This president must honestly believe that the American people accept that ignorance is bliss.

The reason that ignorance prevails in Washington is because our government runs from God's word and principles like they are the plaque. In the same text I already quoted, Paul reminds the young preacher truth is found in the scripture he had been taught since a child. He reminds Timothy the scripture that led him to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus was also profitable in his daily life for instruction in righteousness, correct living and wise decisions (II Timothy 3: 15-17).

Our leaders would do well to remember that it is these founding truths that have made America different from all other nations. In America's infancy it was well established, as George Washington stated, "It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible." In fact he admonished other nations, "You do well to wish to learn our arts and our way of life and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people than you are."

William Penn stated; "Those people who are not governed by God will be ruled by tyrants."

So is America being ruled by ignorance or by tyrants? Whichever the case, we find lawlessness and foolishness to be prevailing throughout our government. We find the military rampant with sexual abuse cases. So what does our military do? They increase the presence of women in compromising positions with men by allowing them in combat operations. OK, do we need to explain the birds and the bees to our military and Congress? Why do they question the increase in sexual assaults? And then to add to the moral dilemma they also allow homosexuals to openly live among the troops. Obviously moral ignorance has overtaken our military.

Many other decisions being made by our government would call into question their intelligence or their motives. Why are illegal immigrants such a dilemma? The obvious problem is enforcement of current laws; illegal means criminal. So why are we discussing legalizing 11 million criminals? Maybe we are actually talking 11 million voters?

Why have the hearings on Benghazi focused on the text of a press release, which was obviously riddled with lies, rather than where the commander-in-chief was when Americans were being murdered?

Many in the Congress and in the financial market have presented viable and wise alternatives to our flawed and criminal IRS. However, Congress will spend many hours "investigating" the IRS and ultimately no changes will take place and no one will go to jail. Why not replace the IRS code with a simple flat tax and totally do away with the IRS? Again, it would seem that tyranny or ignorance prevails.

As Penn stated, when God and his word no longer govern our land, our nation will suffer. We are quickly moving from ignorance to tyranny! God's people must not allow this to happen. Parents, pastors and churches must be involved and speak out lest we lose all freedoms to worship and share God's word. If not, tyranny will prevail.

Mike House




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