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Swing the golf club like you throw a ball

July 2, 2013
By Randy Hernly , The Inter-Mountain

My first question with a new golf student is to ask if they are naturally right-handed or left-handed. If they throw a ball the direction they swing the golf club, I know I can use baseball, softball or football to teach them.

Most every person has thrown a ball at one time or another, and the direction your body moves in this throwing motion is the same direction that your body should move in a golf swing. A right-handed person throwing a ball or swinging a golf club must end the motion with the majority of their body (95 percent) of their weight on their left foot at the end of the motion.

Have you ever seen a baseball player - especially a pitcher - move backward after they throw the ball? But if you watch your friends swing a golf club, you will see them fall backward from the target or maybe even take a step backward at the end of their swing. This happens because the arms only are swinging the club, and the body is not turning, rotating, moving or whatever term you want to use. Why does this happen? Because we can swing our arms at a much faster speed (speed muscles) than we can turn our body (core strength muscles), and we try to use only our shoulder, chest and arm strength to make the club hit the ball.

Throw a golf ball with the effort it takes to throw a ball from second to first base. Hold your finish position. Place a golf club in your hands, and you will most likely be very close to the finish position you should be in when you swing a golf club.

One note: This does not work so well with soccer players, as they all learn to thrown a ball with both hands over their head!

- Randy Hernly is the PGA Professional at the Arnold Palmer Course at Stonewall Resort.

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