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‘Hidden tax’ unfair to small businesses?

August 24, 2013
The Inter-Mountain


As the owner of Brazen Head Inn of Valley Head, I am concerned about how the small business sector is being treated in this county.

Specifically, there is a hidden tax contained in the Affordable Care Act that is set to begin next year. The Health Insurance Tax will not directly impact me since I turn 65 this year and am going on Medicare, but it will cause many small business owners quite a bit of grief. It should be stopped before it kicks in, and we need our members of Congress to support the Jobs and Premium Protection Act in order to accomplish this task.

Having to pay an additional $500 per month per person for health insurance is an extra burden on the American public, and it's not the right thing to do to small businesses or families in general.

I operate a traditional Irish inn with 20 guest rooms, and it is my 14th year in business. I work 18-hour days, my wife is a schoolteacher and works here in the evening, and we have two part-time employees. Although I don't provide health insurance for my staff, I feel compassion for the small business owners who will be hurt by this new tax.

We are a part of the Heritage Music Trail, and we may not be able to contribute much to the community if these rising costs continue. With the state of the economy for the last six years, it makes it harder for us to stay in business. Since the banks took all the gravy off the top, it has cut down our income considerably.

The Health Insurance Tax will be nothing but a thorn in the side of small businesses, and it's essential for Congress to act now to repeal this unfair hidden tax.

William J. Fanning

Valley Head



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