Elkins Otters defeat Shinnston

The Elkins Otters defeated Shinnston Tuesday at Davis &?Elkins College.

The Elkins girls claimed a 193-36 win, while the boys earned a 195-16 decision.

Individual first-place winners for the Otters included Isabelle Judy (50-yard freestyle, 25 backstroke, 25 breaststroke), Andrew Shiflett (50 freestyle), Isaac Anger (50 freestyle, 25 backstroke, 25 breaststroke), Kaleigh Papez (50 freestyle), Luke Anger (50 freestyle, 25 breaststroke, 25 butterfly), Mara Sanders-Looney (100 freestyle, 50 butterfly), Peyton Shields (100 freestyle, 50 backstroke, 50 freestyle), Abby Bowley (100 freestyle, 50 breaststroke, 50 butterfly), Micah Toney (100 freestyle. 100 IM), Skout Barger (100 freestyle, 50 backstroke), Tyler Kenney (100 freestyle), Alyssa White (25 backstroke), Izaak Whetsell (25 backstroke, 25 freestyle), Braxton Kenney (25 backstroke, 100 IM), Kylie Teter (50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke), Morgan Nicholson (50 backstroke, 50 freestyle), Brendan Wallace (50 backstroke), Daniel Toney (50 backstroke, 50 butterfly), Hannah Phillips (100 IM, 25 breaststroke. 25 butterfly), Bailey Tracy (100 IM), Lauren Cain (100 IM, 50 freestyle), Brian Cox (100 IM, 50 breaststroke, 50 freestyle), Andrew Shiflett (25 breaststroke. 25 butterfly), Orrin Jones (50 breaststroke, 50 butterfly), Brendan Wallace (50 breaststroke, 50 freestyle), Tayler Lee (50 breaststroke, 50 butterfly), Elaina Hull (25 freestyle, 25 butterfly), Darby Bailey (25 freestyle), Austin Whetsell (25 freestyle) and Haley Warner (50 freestyle).

Relay winners included the 8-and-under mixed 100 freestyle (Isabelle Judy, Joslyn Deweese, Elaina Hull, Isaac Anger) and (Andrew Shiflett, Liam Duvall, Ashton White, Izaak Whetsell), the 9-10 mixed 100 freestyle (Austin Whetsell, Jasper Clark, Braxton Kenney, Luke Anger), the mixed 11-12 200 freestyle (Bailey Tracy, Dominique Pritt, Haley Warner, Mara Sanders-Looney), the mixed 12-14 200 freestyle (Brendan Wallace, Morgan Nicholson, Alex Rosencrance, Micah Toney), the mixed 15-18 200 relay (Lauren Cain, Katy Mattingly, Tayler Lee, Skout Barger) and (Daniel Toney, Tyler Kenney, Brendan Cain, Brian Cox), the mixed 8-and-under medley (Joslyn Deweese, Isabelle Judy, Elaina Hull, Isaac Anger) and (Liam Duvall, Izaak Whetsell, Andrew Shiflett, Ashton White), the mixed 9-10 medley (Austin Whetsell, Luke Anger, Braxton Kenney, Jasper Clark), the mixed 11-12 200 medley (Haley Warner, Kylie Teter, Mara Sanders-Looney, Bailey Tracy), the mixed 13-14 medley (Brendan Wallace, Alex Rosencrance, Micah Toney, Abby Bowley), the mixed 15-18 200 medley (Tayler Lee, Lauren Cain, Hannah Toney, Skout Barger) and (Daniel Toney, Brian Cox, Brendan Cain, Tyler Kenney).