11-12-year-old state tourney pairings

12-year-old state


At Little Creek Park in South Charleston

Sunday’s games

Bi-State vs. St. Albans, 1 p.m. (Field A)

Barboursville vs. Beckley, 1 p.m. (Field B)

Martinsburg vs. Shady Spring, 3 p.m. (Field A)

Tygarts Valley vs. South Charleston, 3 p.m. (Field B)

Bridgeport vs. Elkins, 5 p.m. (FIeld A)

Fairmont vs. Madison, 5 p.m. (Field B)

Monday, July 22

Bi-State vs. South Charleston, 4 p.m. (Field A)

Barboursville vs. Shady Spring, 4 p.m. (Field B)

Beckley vs. Martinsburg, 6 p.m. (Field A)

St. Albans vs. Tygarts Valley, 6 p.m. (Field (B)

Elkins vs. Pineville, 8 p.m. (Field A)

Madison vs. Huntington, 8 p.m. (Field B)

Tuesday, July 23

South Charleston vs. St. Albans, 4 p.m. (Field A)

Bi-State vs. Tygarts Valley, 4 p.m. (Field B)

Barboursville vs. Martinsburg, 6 p.m. (Field A)

Shady Spring vs. Beckley, 6 p.m. (Field B)

Bridgeport vs. Pineville, 8 p.m. (Field A)

Fairmont vs. Huntington, 8 p.m. (Field B)

Wednesday, July 24


Game 1 – Winner of Pool A vs. runner-up Pool D, 6 p.m. (Field A)

Game 2 – Winner of Pool B vs. runner-up Pool C, 6 p.m. (Field B)

Game 3 – Winner of Pool C vs. runner-up Pool B, 8 p.m. Field A)

Game 4 – Winner of Pool D vs. runner-up Pool A, 8 p.m. (Field B)

Thursday, July 25


Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner, 6 p.m. (Field A)

Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner, 6 p.m. (Field B)

Friday, July 26


Semifinal winners, 6 p.m.