Elkins Otters battle Stealey

The Elkins Otters turned in a solid effort against Stealey in a recent swim meet.

Stealey took the combined meet by a score of 361.5-295-5, while Elkins earned a 127.5-119.5 decision in the girls meet. Stealey won the boys meet, 146-108.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome,” Elkins coach Cassie Wallace said. “Our team was outnumbered by 17 swimmers but fought hard and I was proud of each swimmer.”

First-place winners for the Otters included, 50 freestyle: Mikayla Goins (11-12), Tayler Lee (15-18) and Tyler Kenney (15-18); 25 butterfly: Isabelle Judy (8-U), Andrew Shiflett (8-U), Isaac Anger (6-U) and Hanna Phillips (9-10); 50 butterfly: Lauren Cain (15-18) and Tyler Kenney (15-18); 100 medley relay: Liam Duvall, Isaac Anger, Andrew Shiflett, Izaak Whetsell (8-U) and Braxton Kenney, Austin Whetsell, Luke Anger, Jasper Clark (9-10); 100 freestyle relay: Luke Anger, Jasper Clark, Braxton Kenney, Austin Whetsell (9-10); 200 freestyle relay: Tyler Kenney, Brendan Cain, Brian Cox (15-18); 50 freestyle: Andrew Shiflett (8-U), Isaac Anger (6-U) and Luke Anger (9-10); 200 freestyle: Tayler Lee (15-18) and Brian Cox (15-18); 25 backstroke: Isabelle Judy (8-U), Tiffany Young (6-U) and Austin Whetsell (9-10); 100 backstroke: Lauren Cain (15-18) and Tyler Kenney (15-18); 100 IM: Hannah Phillips (10-U) and Mara Sanders-Looney (11-12); 200 IM: Brian Cox (15-18) and Tayler Lee (15-18); 25 breaststroke: Anna Downs (8-U), Izaak Whetsell (8-U), Issac Anger (6-U), Hannah Phillips (9-10) and Austin Whetsell (9-10); 50 breaststroke: Mikayla Goins (11-12); 100 breaststroke: Lauren Cain (15-18) and Brian Cox (15-18); 25 freestyle: Tiffany Young (6-U), Andrew Shiflett (8-U) and Austin Whetsell (9-10); 200 medley relay: Mara Looney-Sanders, Kylie Teter, Bailey Tracy, Mikayla Goins (11-12) and Brian Cox, Brendan Cain and Tyler Kenney (15-18).

Elkins will return to action Saturday at the Stealey Invitational on Friday and Saturday.