Holgorsen: No plans to rotate QBs

MORGANTOWN – Coach Dana Holgorsen knows keeping the identity of the new starting quarterback for this year’s West Virginia University football will be a difficult task because of the frenzy of social media.

“We try to get our guys to keep as much of what happens inside the building to the people that need to know,” Holgorsen said Thursday. “I would be surprised if (people) don’t know. It depends on how clear cut it is. If it is really close, we are going to try to keep it as close to the vest as we can. If it is clear cut, then we will probably let (the media) know.”

Returning backup Paul Millard, redshirt freshman Ford Childress and Florida State transfer Clint Trickett are all battling to replace the departed Geno Smith at the helm of the Mountaineer offense. Holgorsen said the three are “similar enough,” which makes picking a successor even more difficult.

“If you get one, two or three quality guys in a position battle, then obviously at some point, you have to make a decision,” Holgorsen said. “The closer it is, the harder it is. Those decisions are not easy when you are talking about who’s going to play and not going to play. It affects kids’ lives. These are guys that are working hard. Someone is going to be the guy, and someone is not. It is hard to deal with if you are not the guy.”

Holgorsen said he does not plan on having a quarterback tandem or even a rotating door at the position.

“It does not mean that we cannot have two that are ready to play,” he said. “Guys get hurt and go down all the time. That is a reality in college football, and that is one thing that the second-team guy always has to keep in mind. They are a play away from getting in and playing a lot of ball.”

The team needs to know who that quarterback is going to be, Holgorsen said, so that a comfort level can be established.

“The trust factor, leadership qualities and the belief that this guy is going to get it done makes a big difference,” Holgorsen said.

The Mountaineers have nine more practices before they start classes. Holgorsen said two of the three quarterbacks will each 50 percent of the plays in practice, and the next day, a different combination of two quarterbacks will evenly split time. Holgorsen said that should give the coaching staff an idea of who will win the job to start the season.

“I do not know if we will (announce it) or not,” he said. “We probably want everyone to be in the dark like everybody else. But we won’t go into that first game without a clue of who is going to be the first guy.”