Into the Spotlight

MORGANTOWN – K.J. Myers knows receivers in the West Virginia offense can chalk up some crazy numbers, saying he takes a cue from the statistics of Tavon Austin, Stedman Bailey and even J.D. Woods from a year ago.

Now it’s his and the others who played in those stars’ shadows last year to see what kind of numbers they can rack up. But he knows it’s what they bring to the table in practice that will determine if they get the break into the limelight this year.

“You never know because a lot can happen in a year,” Myers said. “The best players are going to be out there. Each player has to compete for a spot every day. You cannot have an average day.”

Offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson said he thinks the Mountaineers will use four players in outside receiver roles and three or four inside. He said as August camp winds down this week, fewer players will be seeing time.

“We have been repping a whole lot of guys,” he said. “We need to start fine-tuning who we are repping. Now is the time.”

Myers said he had high expectations of himself when he came to Morgantown, but was disappointed by his lack of playing time in past seasons.

“I was used to playing,” he said. “I just kept praying, and I knew the Lord would bless me with my time.”

Myers said he used the time to fine-tune the smaller things, such as blocking techniques, in an effort to spend more time on the playing field and less time staring at it.

“I am way better than I was last year,” he said. “I’m better at blocking, and I’m more of a team player.”

Dawson said it will be the players who have shown they can consistently do the job that will be in the receiver rotation.

“The patience level that I have talked about from the beginning of camp to now with the new guys has gotten thin,” Dawson said. “At this point, you should know what to do.”

Myers said the receiving corps has worked with each of the three quarterbacks competing for the starting role, so it won’t matter to him which one wins the job.

“It doesn’t change anything,” he said. “They all know our strengths. They put the ball in the air. If it hits our hands, it’s up to us to make a play.”