Holgorsen: WVU has much to prove

MORGANTOWN – Former NFL center and sometime philosopher Jeff Van Note once uttered that “potential is a French word meaning you’re not worth a (blank) yet.” West Virginia University football coach Dana Holgorsen may agree with that opinion to some extent.

“There’s potential on offense, and that word disturbs me,” Holgorsen said Tuesday. “I don’t like it very much. But there is potential on offense. A lot of people talk about how talented we are; even guys on the team talk about how talented we are. We need to prove that.”

Holgorsen has already hinted that there is still an open competition at quarterback, and he elaborated during his weekly press conference that there is a revolving door at other offensive positions as well.

“You need to make plays when you are put into those situations,” he said. “If you don’t, we will try and put some other guys in those situations.”

Wide receivers and offensive linemen are being shuffled around this week as the Mountaineers, 1-1, prepare to take on winless Georgia State, which is in its first year as an FBS school. The game begins at noon and will be televised on Root Sports.

The Mountaineers will try to improve on their lackluster offensive performance in the 16-7 loss to Oklahoma.

“I feel like crap, honestly,” Holgorsen said. “It goes back to that on offense. We have the potential to be better than we were last year. Does that mean we are better than last year, or are going to be better than last year? No, it just means we have the potential to be.

“I accept full responsibility for seven points,” he added. “I don’t care who we are playing. It’s embarrassing. I have the utmost respect for (OU coaches) Bob and Mike Stoops, but that being said, seven points is embarrassing, and we need to fix it. We need to do a better job of putting guys into position to make plays.”

Holgorsen also used that word which disturbs him when it came to describing his receivers.

“They have potential,” he said. “After watching William & Mary (game film), I was convinced we had the slowest receiving corps in the country.”

The shuffling along the offensive front has seen Pat Eger move to center, and Holgorsen said Eger will continue to see time at guard.

“Pat has been playing really well, about as good as I’ve seen him play,” Holgorsen said. “He’s one of the few very vocal leaders we have on offense, and he deserves to start.”

Offensive lineman Russell Haughton-James will also see playing time at tight end, as he did on a few plays against Oklahoma.

“We have Cody Clay, and we have Garrett Hope,” Holgorsen said. “If something were to happen to one of those two, what is your third option? Russell is a backup guard. He’s our eighth lineman, but he’s athletic enough to where he can handle that on the edge. He did a decent job.”