Pickens archer competes in world championships

PICKENS – Pickens School fifth-grader Chad Tiffner recently competed at the National Archery in the School’s World Championships in Madison, Wis.

While he didn’t place at the event, Pickens School archery team coach John Parsons said Tiffner “represented the team well” at the competition.

Parsons said the team and community are “very proud of him.”

Tiffner’s rankings at the world championship were: Elementary boys rank: 129 out of 369; Fifth-grade boys rank: 81 out of 207; Overall boys rank: 726 out of 1,290.

Tiffner captured first place at the West Virginia Archery in the School’s tournament in March, which qualified him to shoot at the NASP National Archery Tournament in Louisville, Ky.

By placing first in the state and attending the national tournament, Tiffner qualified to participate in the NASP World Championship.

Parsons, a volunteer, started the archery team three years ago.

Each year since it started, the Pickens School archery team has had members qualify for the national tournament.

This year was the first year for the team to place a world championship qualifier.

NASP is a program for fourth- through 12th- graders.

Organizers say it not only helps improve attendance, behavior, motivation, and discipline, but also gets students interested in the outdoors and wildlife.

NASP has been around since 2001 and has become very successful.