Tigers play at PNC Park

PITTSBURGH — The Elkins Tigers may not remember the score from Friday’s game, however the memories from playing at PNC Park in Pittsburgh will last a lifetime.

EHS faced a tough Everett, Pennsylvania, team and dropped the contest, 5-0.

“We weren’t worried about winning the game,” EHS coach Jack Crumm said. “We went up there for the experience of the kids playing on the field. It was really good. Everybody on the team batted once and everybody played at least 2 innings on the field. It was the end of a long week for us, where we played 5 games in 5 days. We threw some guys just to get them on the mound and in the game. It was just fun.”

Last season, the Tigers sold more than 500 Pittsburgh Pirates tickets to earn the opportunity to play in the big league stadium. Unfortunately, rain reared its ugly head on game day and EHS had to wait nearly a year for the makeup date.

“We were disappointed last year, after selling the tickets and arranging to go and getting rained out and having to come home,” Crumm said. “The Pirates organization and their president were really good to make that up to us. Selling 500 tickets was a lot of work, but when I was down there on the field and I saw the kids just smiling and being in awe of the place, it was amazing. It was really hard when they came up to bat to focus because they were looking at the skyline of the city and they were in PNC Park. It was really cool. The kids had a great time.”

Crumm said he would like to thanks all the people who supported the Tigers in their effort to get to PNC Park including the players, their parents and the people who bought the tickets. The Tigers also provided umpires Robin Dolly, Tim Conklin, Mike DiPasquale and Josh Wince, who donated their time to officiate the contest at PNC Park.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Crumm said. “It’s something I will remember for the rest of my life and I’m sure the kids will too.”

Members of the Elkins Tigers include Joseph Schmidlen, Alex Dickenson, Luke Swecker, Noah Shears, Jesse Williams, Ben McDonald, Russell Shiflett, Dalton Jack, Cole Crumm, Read Schumacher, Nathan Cooper, Dustyn Primavero, Joey Satterfield, Alan Bennett, Matthew Gainer, Thomas Talkington, Jerimiah Cogar, Gabriel Guire, Anthony Jones, Tyler Davis, John Elmore, Devan Lemarne, Cory Reed, Justin White, Hunter Mouse and Remington Stanley. Members of the coaching staff include Jack Crumm, Rocky Vannoy, Joe Ross and Jim Gainer.

Elkins (5-6) is scheduled to face Big 10 Conference rival Bridgeport today at 4:30 p.m. on the Indian’s home turf. Junior varsity action will follow.