ABU adds sprint football as a sport

ANNAPOLIS, Md. –Alderson Broaddus University athletic director Dennis Creehan announced on Tuesday that the Battlers will add sprint football to its varsity sports offerings and join the Collegiate Sprint Football League as a full-time member.

“We’re thrilled to announced the addition of Alderson Broaddus for 2019,” CSFL commissioner Matt Munnelly said. “This will expand the reach of our league into West Virginia, will balance us with five teams in each division and will lead to new opportunities for the student-athletes in our league.”

The Battlers will continue to field their Division II football team that competes in the Great Midwest Athletic Conference and will add sprint football as its 25th varsity sport.

“We are honored to join the CSFL,” Alderson Broaddus president Dr. James Barry said. “We are excited for not only for the high level of competition on the field, but to be joined with like-minded institutions of higher education off the field.”

Joining the CSFL will give ABU a larger reach into the mid-Atlantic region as the Battlers currently play the majority of their competitions in West Virginia and Ohio. All of the other teams in the CSFL are located northeast of Philippi, withthe exception of Navy, which is slightly southeast.

“We are excited to add sprint football to our varsity sport offerings,” Creehan said. “Sprint football will continue to add to the vibrancy and excitement on our campus. We look forward to joining the current members of the CSFL in competition next fall and are honored to join this prestigious league.”

Earlier this fall, the CSFL announced that Franklin Pierce would be leaving the league at the end of the 2018 season as the Ravens pursue a move to NCAA Division II football.

That departure would have left the league with nine teams, but AB will fill that void and keep the league balanced with 10 teams in 2019.

Final decisions regarding the divisional alignment and scheduling for 2019 will be made at the annual CSFL meeting in December.


The Collegiate Sprint Football League, which dates back to 1934, has provided thousands of student-athletes with the opportunity to continue playing football during their collegiate careers. The league, which currently includes 10 member institutions, is a full-contact intercollegiate varsity sport that operates under the same rules as NCAA football, with the exception that players must weigh 178.0 pounds or less. The 10 member institutions currently in the CSFL are: Army West Point, Caldwell University, Chestnut Hill College, Cornell University, Franklin Pierce University, Mansfield University, the U.S. Naval Academy, Post University, the University of Pennsylvania and St. Thomas Aquinas College.