I am the director of golf at Fairmont State University, and I coach both the men’s and women’s teams. When I am out watching my players in a match, I notice how the players struggle on the greens. Unlike high school, I have the ability to go on the course with the players and give advice at any time I see fit. Whether it is reading a putt or helping with a fundamental flaw, I can give them on-the-course support to get them back on track.

Players who struggle on the green have a tendency to have thoughts creep into their minds. This leads to overthinking, which leads to a lack of confidence in their putting. I simply catch them between holes and give them a simple fix, which I know can help you as well.

I say this: “Remember the three P’s in putting.” Putting has to be a simple process in order to be successful. Using the “three P’s” philosophy will help settle the player and get them back on track.

The first P is position. Make sure you are in the proper position in order to get the most success from your putt. Ball position is crucial to the contact you will make on the putt.

Second is posture. Your body must be an an athletically ready position in order to get consistency out of every stroke.

Lastly is pace. The amount of pace you put on a putt will allow for better opportunities to make the shot.

Remember, when you are out putting on the practice green, think like a kid. All they think about is making the putt. Do not overthink, and your confidence will soar and your score will be lower.

– Doug Comer is the director of golf at the Clarksburg Country Club and is the men’s and women’s golf coach at Fairmont State University.

Upcoming Tournaments

Christian Golfers Association of North Central West Virginia has outings scheduled for 5 p.m., May 23 at the Riverbend Golf Course and 2 p.m., May 26 at Stonewall Resort. To play, call 304-472-4047.

Canaan Valley Resort hosts its weekly Wednesday Night Scrambles, a nine-hole, mixed golf event. Register at the pro shop by 4:45. The format varies each week. Entry fee is $22 per person. For more information, call 304-866-4121, extension 92632.

A Memorial Day Scramble will be held May 27 at Canaan Valley Resort. Teams will be drawn based on the number of entries. You must register by 12:45 p.m. at the pro shop. Entry fee is $45, and $2 will be donated to the Relay for Life. For more information, call 304-866-4121, ext. 92632.

Hit It “Fore” Your Health, an 18-hole scramble to benefit the Tucker County Health Fair, will be held June 2 at Canaan Valley Resort. Entry fee is $75 per person. For more information, call 304-598-1208.

Tournament Results

The Christian Golfers Association of North Central West Virginia held a nine-hole event April 11 at the Riverbend Golf Course. Phil Austin, Darrell Linger, Michelle Linger and Larry Wamsley combined for a 32. James Davis, Missy Davis, Steve Liptak and Clay Persinger teamed to shoot 35, as did the team of Ron Shingleton, Sandy Shingleton, Gene Bryant and Don Neman. A 36 score was turned in by the group of Bob Withers, Ellnora Withers, Jeff Zickefoose and Lynelle Zickefoose. Shooting 38 were the teams of Lynn Rexroad, Neale Hinkle, Natalie Hinkle and Mike Hinkle and Bob Heavner, Betty Heavner, Ron Lamb and Melissa Lamb.

The Christian Golfers Association of North Central West Virginia held an April 13 outing at the Tygart Lake Golf Course. Darrell Linger, Michelle Linger, Nathaniel Linger and Harry Grose fired a 69. Two teams turned in a 75 – the team of Stephen Johnson, Gene Bryant, Paul Martin and Terry Wood and the team of Don Neman, Debbie Neman, Ron Lamb and Melissa Lamb. Jeff Zickefoose, Lynelle Zickefoose, Phil Austin and Mark Sutyak combined to shoot 79, and the team of Clay Persinger, Mike Hinkle and Natalie Hinkle carded an 80.

Hole of the Week

Our next stop takes us to the seventh hole at the Riverbend Golf Course in Buckhannon. The 262-yard, par-4 is a classic risk-reward hole. Many players opt to leave the driver in the bag, deciding to play for an easier chip shot in their approach to the rolling green. The fairway is guarded by rough to the left and trees to the right. Sand protects the green, and longer shots may find their way into way behind the green.

Universal Golf Law

The universal magnetic phenomenon tells us that hazards on the course attract, while the fairways repel.