Old Man Winter is winning

Old Man Winter is speeding up the aging process for high school athletic directors and coaches.

With the flurry (pun intended) of school closings this past week, most sporting events have come to a standstill.

As of Thursday night, the total of area high school basketball games (boys and girls) postponed just this week stood at 34.

That’s a lot of games, folks. And that number doesn’t include those already wiped out earlier this season, as well as swimming and wrestling events.

School administrators are now stuck with the task of rescheduling.

Some will be made-up, some will not. Priority is placed on regional and sectional opponents, along with conference matchups.

But there are some factors officials must take into consideration.

n Does the make-up date work for both schools?

n Are referees, game administrators and bus drivers available?

n Is the facility for the game open for use?

These are just a few questions school officials must ponder.

Also, it doesn’t appear the weather is going to cooperate. A brief look at the forecast for the next couple of weeks shows more snow and cold temperatures are predicted.

This will only make the task of rescheduling games more difficult, along with time issues. It’s hard to believe, but high school girls’ sectional tournaments will begin in less than a month, along with regional swimming and wrestling competitions.

It will be disappointing if teams are unable to play a majority of their scheduled games.

This writer has enjoyed the heart and determination displayed by our local athletes this winter. Despite the weather, most events I have attended have been well-played in front of large gatherings.

I do wish school officials well in their challenging task of rescheduling.

Our communities are blessed with fine administrators who want the best for the student-athletes. The officials I have worked with over the years are second-to-none. They are professionals in every aspect of the word and we should all give them our support.

n n n

OLD RIVALS: While high school events are feeling the effects of the weather, just one area college basketball to my knowledge has been rescheduled.

The Bluefield State at Davis & Elkins College men’s game will now be played at 6 p.m. Monday. The contest was originally slated for Tuesday.

Before the Senators challenge the Big Blues, however, an old rivalry will be renewed this evening when D&E visits Alderson Broaddus in a men’s and women’s doubleheader.

With conference realignments changing the landscape of college athletics, some rivalries have been discontinued.

I encourage residents to flock out and witness the meeting of two schools that have battled one another for over 90 years.