McDonald’s receives MAC Grant

The Elkins McDonald’s, owned and operated by John and Jack Ebert, just received word that a MAC Grant winner is in our area.

MAC Grants are given out each year to teachers in grades five through eight. The MAC Grant program, an initiative sponsored by local McDonald’s owner/operators, is designed to help teachers Make Activities Count for the students. The cash award is donated to help provide meaningful, hands-on activities to enhance the learning process for the students.

Matthew Ramsey, a seventh-grade teacher from Elkins Middle School is this year’s recipient in Randolph County.

Ramsey was awarded $498 to purchase a Vernier graphing calculator to be used in his classrooms. This is a motion detector that can detect distance, speed and acceleration of objects including people. These probes will allow the motion of the students to be portrayed in a graph that displays on the calculator.

The detectors will allow the students to connect the data represented in the graph to real life data that they generate themselves.

McDonald’s commends creativity and commitment to excellence in education. Because McDonald’s Corp. receives hundreds of MAC Grant applications, the judging process is truly a challenge.

A committee of educators, business professionals and McDonald’s representatives look for submissions that are “cream of the crop.” McDonald’s is proud to support the efforts made by our local educators. The Mac Grant maximum allowance is $500.