A-B bookstore manager re-elected NEBC president

The New England Buying Consortium has re-elected Alderson-Broaddus bookstore manager, Ed Burda, as its president. Burda began his new one-year term earlier this month.

“I am happy to serve as president for this independent college store organization,” Burda said.

Burda, who is director of campus services for the campus, has been with Alderson-Broaddus for 20 years.

NEBC is a nonprofit buying collaborative, which originally was founded in 1992 in New England but has since expanded nationally, according to its website, www.nebc1.org. NEBC is operated for the benefit of its institutional store members and the educational institutions that they serve. The consortium secures better buying arrangements with a variety of vendors. Today, membership for NEBC includes 315 institutional stores in 35 states.

“All members are granted full membership privileges, and are encouraged to be an active participant in all NEBC activities,” the website says. “NEBC membership is restricted to institutionally operated bookstores.”

The Alderson-Broaddus Bookstore recently moved to the ground floor of Hamer Campus Center after the building’s renovation was completed in 2012. Its website can be found at www.bookstore.ab.edu.