Dog obedience school starts March 6

The Randolph County 4-H Leaders Association will sponsor dog obedience school again this spring.

The first class meeting will be at 7 p.m. March 6 in the Ag Building at Camp Pioneer 4-H Camp in Beverly. This class meeting will be for registration as well as information and instructions on heel and sit command.

The dogs do not attend the first class meeting.

The objective of the dog obedience school is to teach the owner the basic principles of dog training so they can handle problems that arise in daily life with their dog. The commands being taught are heel, halt-sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, recall and stand for examination.

The school will run from March 6 through April 24, which will be graduation night. There is a fee and class will be limited to 40 participants. There will be a waiting list if more than the 40 people register.

Any breed of dog, 6 months old or older, will be accepted. The dog must have a choke-chain and leash, and all vaccinations must be up-to-date. The owner (or trainer) and the dog will attend class every Wednesday for one hour for eight weeks. They will be shown an exercise that they are to practice at home each day for approximately one hour each day. These demonstrations are open to the public – anyone is welcome to come watch the class, at no charge, and may ask the instructors questions during break or after the class has adjourned.

More information on the Randolph county dog obedience school is available by calling 304-636-2455.