In-Home Care program has new building

A new structure has been added next to the Randolph County Senior Center in Elkins, where the In-Home Care program and its staff will be housed.

The program’s new home was installed Friday, when a large crane lifted two halves of a modular building into place. Two times prior, inclement weather prevented crews from setting up the structure.

“We are so excited to see this project moving forward,” said Randolph County Senior Center Director Laura Ward. “I watched as they set the building. R.E. Hutton Construction is the contractor, and they have done a fine job. We are tickled with the building.”

Ward said finishing work is being completed, and they plan to move in within a month.

“Former director Becky Poe and the Senior Center board of directors worked hard to get this building,” Ward said. “It has been a long process, and it is great to see light at the end of the tunnel.”

Ward said In-Home Care offers seven programs designed to help people who want an alternative to moving to a long-term care facility. It’s also a Medicaid Waiver program.

“Some of the programs offered have homemaker services, mobility support, nutrition and environmental support,” Ward said. “We also offer respite care for Alzheimer’s patient caregivers when they have errands to run.”

The new building will house two registered nurses, a licensed social worker and three administrative staff members. One big feature the building offers is a training room.

“Our homemakers are well-trained before they go into homes,” Ward said. “This training space allows us to offer continuing education to our staff to keep up on the trends.”

Ward said In-Home Care serves approximately 105 clients in Randolph County.

Additional information about In-Home Care is available by calling 304-636-4747.