Man allegedly makes threats

A 27-year-old Mabie man remained incarcerated on a $50,000 cash-only bond Tuesday after allegedly threatening to kill everyone inside an Elkins tattoo parlor.

Cody Trevor Harris was charged with five felony counts of attempted malicious assault Saturday following an incident in which he allegedly threatened to injure five people inside Roxie’s Tattoo Parlor in Elkins.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the Randolph County Magistrate Clerk’s Office, Patrolman B.D. Tice and Sgt. S.R. Judy with the Elkins Police Department were dispatched to Roxie’s Tattoo Parlor, where Harris was allegedly wielding a knife outside the store.

When Tice, the investigating officer, exited his patrol vehicle, Harris began walking toward him and Judy. Tice draw his weapon and ordered Harris to lie down. Harris first refused and instead reached into one of his pockets, removed a green-handled knife and threw it on the ground. Tice again told Harris to lie on the ground, and he complied, the complaint states. Judy searched Harris for other weapons and placed in him a patrol vehicle.

Once inside the vehicle, Harris told Tice that someone inside the tattoo parlor owed him $20 and he’d come to collect it. Harris said the person who reportedly owed him the $20 refused to give it to him, spurring Harris to pull out his knife and threaten to stab that person, the report states.

Inside the tattoo parlor, Judy secured a video recording of Harris allegedly “waving the knife and pacing back and forth in close proximity of the individuals involved.” Judy obtained written statements from five people who claimed that Harris “threatened to kill them all, and (threatened) to harm their families as well,” the complaint says.

As Tice was driving Harris to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, Harris allegedly repeatedly said, “When I get out, and I will be out tomorrow, I will be back to that place to handle this,” according to Tice’s account. When Tice asked Harris what he meant by that statement, Harris declined to say anything further and told the officer he needed to secure an attorney first.

Nevertheless, “During the entire transport to TVRJ, (Harris) was making the same or similar comments about ‘returning to take care of business,'” Tice wrote. Tice also noted that Harris’ eyes were glassy and his pupils “pin point.” However, neither officer detected an odor of alcohol on Harris’ breath, according to the complaint.

Magistrate George M. Riggleman set bond at $50,000 cash only, and Harris remained in the TVRJ as of presstime.

The penalty for attempted malicious assault is imprisonment for a term of one to three years in the state penitentiary, or confinement in the regional jail for a term of six months to one year and a fine of up to $500.

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