Woodford Oil installs generator at Express Station

Woodford Oil Co. is leading the charge to provide a solution after the area’s recent, devastating power outages by installing a generator at its 219 Express Station on Route 219, Parsons Road. When severe weather events shut off power, gas stations without generators cannot provide service to their customers. With this generator, residents and business owners alike will have access to much-needed fuel during an outage.

Woodford Oil’s Commercial Sales Representative Jay Gainer underscored the significance of having a generator-backed station, saying, “Last year’s storms taught us that we must be better prepared for the unexpected. Woodford Oil recognizes that the Elkins area is especially susceptible to extreme weather, and we wanted to give our customers assurance that fuel will be available when they need it most.”

Responding to customer needs and staying ahead of the technology curve prompted Woodford to create its Express Stations, located in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio. With 24-hour, automated service, these stations provide savings in the form of efficiency and, with the Woodford Express Card, an additional 3-cent savings per gallon. Companies that run fleets using the Express Card can track fuel transactions by number, type and dollar amount, among other features that help streamline business and cut unnecessary spending, which are essential in an ever-unpredictable economic climate.

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Woodford Oil Co. is a locally owned distributor of fuel and lubricant products. Headquartered in Elkins, Woodford Oil serves West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Woodford Oil products include home heating oil, industrial fuel and lubricants, race fuels and lubricants, and convenience store gas and diesel fuel. Woodford Oil also has an oil field services division serving the natural gas and oil industry.