4-H clubs, members win awards

Randolph County 4-H celebrated with an awards dinner recently where many members and volunteers were recognized for their accolades. Members, their families and volunteers packed the assembly hall at Camp Pioneer for the event, which celebrated the new year for 4-H.

Blue ribbons were awarded to 4-H clubs of excellence. Those include High Riders, Leading Creek, Lucky Leaf Livestock, Meadow Grove Green Growers, Mountain Eagles, Mount Vernon Colonials and Ski Hi. First place winning club was Hi Fi.

Outstanding club officer awards were give to Destiny Brown for her secretary book for Ski Hi, Steven Demyan for his treasurer book for Lucky Leaf Livestock Club and Christian Brown for his reporter book for Ski Hi. Club attendance awards went to Hi Fi, first place; High Riders, second place; and Ski Hi, third place. Project completion recognition went to Hi Fi, Meadow Grove Green Growers, Mount Vernon Colonials and Lucky Leaf Livestock.

The I Dare You Award recipients were Katelyn Harris and Steven Demyan. The 2012 Outstanding 4-Her award recipients were Leila Matthew and Jonathan Stanley.

Andy and Susan McCauley were recognized as the 2012 Outstanding 4-H leaders, and the outstanding county all star award went to Sheila Johnson.

4-H Leaders recognized for their years of service included Mary Anger, April Arbogast, Boyd Badgett, Wendy Barb, David Bowers, Jayme Gongola, Terry Hovatter, Nicole Mathew, Crystal Scott, Jon Teets, Michelle Teter, Jodie Varner and Debbie White for five years; Deborah Demyan, Shannon Johnson and Deborah Stout for 10 years; Leslie White for 15 years; Terry Casseday for 20 years; Deborah Tolson for 25 years; and Leon Brown, Margaret Brown, Barbara Douglas and Frank Mams for 30 years.

All Star Leaders for 2012 include Mary Anger, Boyd Badgett, Robert Baker, David Bowers, Timothy Turner and Deborah White.