Heavner Grove CEOS club hosts meeting

The Feb. 13 meeting of the Heavner Grove CEOS took place at the Mount Rupert Church.

Sharon Carr and Hilda Ketterman were hostesses. The traditional decorations were red and white, and Valentine-themed desserts were served.

President Joyce Zirkle called the meeting to order. Mary Dagley led the flag salute. Hilda Ketterman, the devotional leader, read Luke 9:35. Readings were “Living by Vision,” “History of the Paper Valentine” and “Symbols of Valentines,” which were followed by saying of the Lord’s Prayer. The treasurer’s report was given by Eloise Tenney. Zirkle read a letter reminding everyone about address updates.

The achievement awards dinner will be April 8 at the Way of Holiness Church. The deadline for reservations is March 29. The dinner costs $14. Send reservations to Mavis Shifflet, and drop off craft entries to Eloise Tenney’s home.

Cards were sent to Mildred White and Oneta Stone. Mildred White has returned to her daughter’s home.

Sharon Carr, the health motivator, gave out yearly calendars and spoke about food and exercise.

The retirement dinner for Jill Bently was attended by Shirley Warner, Anna Jean Kelly and Judy Haddix.

Haddix presented the lesson “Would You Like to be Happier?” She also gave each member a journal and a rose. For Show and Tell, Jean Kelly showed off her knitted slippers and red sweetheart quilt. Ima Jean Morgan showed her Birds of America quilt that was made by her mother. Eloise Tenney had lessons, “Limited Garden Space” and “Mobility.”