Highland Adventist School teachers visit model school in Georgia

Highland Adventist School in Elkins recently sent two teachers to Atlanta, Ga., to study the educational delivery program provided by Atlanta Adventist Academy.

The Georgia school has developed a unique system for serving its students. Because of the difficulties involved in navigating the traffic in the metropolitan Atlanta area, school officials realized many students who would like to attend their facility would be unable to do so because of the commute. That challenge provided the inspiration for a distance learning program that links together a network of three schools located strategically around metropolitan Atlanta.

Using high-speed Internet and sophisticated conferencing equipment, the school’s faculty (distributed strategically on the various campuses) provides real-time instruction for the students on all three metropolitan campuses as well as for several rural, satellite schools that have joined the network.

“Distance education has become a very important part of our American educational system,” said Cheryl Jacko, H.A.S principal. “Today, employers as well as institutions of higher education utilize distance education for inservicing and training. Webinars, teleconferences and other forms of distance education are very common in the business world. Students who leave our schools should be well prepared for participation in these types of training events in the future.

“Our staff learned a lot about distance education during our visit to Atlanta Adventist Academy and hopes to add a distance component to our program at some point in the future.”

Highland Adventist School is part of a consortium of schools working to develop a workable distance education model that would be one component of an overall innovative educational program.

More information is available by calling the school at 304-636-4274.