Teter Creek CEOS group hosts meeting

The Teter Creek CEOS met at the 88 Restaurant Feb. 21 for lunch and a regular meeting.

Hostesses Jerry Stankus and Millie Hornbeck had decorated the tables beautifully in red and white for Valentine’s Day.

President Cathy DeBarr thanked them and called on Debbie Kittle to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Shelia Dowell led a meditation called “God’s Conversation Hearts.” She gave each member a candy heart and talked about the sayings that are printed on them.

The minutes of the January meeting were read and approved with corrections.

The treasurer’s report was given and placed on file for audit. A thank-you note from Pearl Vincent was read, and a get-well card was sent to Edith Logsdon.

Janet and Burl Smith and Joyce DeBarr picked up trash for recycling. Jerry Stankus, Judy Beer and Vonnie Hager visited the Extended Care unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital to play Bingo and have the Valentine’s Day party.

Several members of Teter CEOS attended the retirement party Jan. 30 for Jill Bently.

Committee reports also were given. The club voted to buy materials to make 10 blankets for the snuggle and read program. Janet Smith reported on plans for the craft and bake sale for the May 11 Horse and Buggy parade.

Debbie Kittle reported that they are in the process of buying baskets for the Strawberry Basket Contest that will all be alike.

DeBarr reminded members to be sure to get their reservations in for the achievement banquet to the Weston area meeting on time. DeBarr reminded to also be thinking about and getting items ready for the upcoming yard sale on April 19. Setup will be the day before.

The lesson for the day, “Would you like to be happier?” was given by Millie Hornbeck. She said everyone needs to divine happiness as a sense of contentment that comes from living a rich, full and meaningful life. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift; that’s why they call it the present.

Try the three-blessing exercise:

1. Write down three things each day that went well for you and keep a blessings journal.

2. Write a testimonial of gratitude to someone and deliver it in person.

3. Perform three acts of kindness each day.

Don’t forget to smile.

Hostesses gave each member a microfiber hand towel and a bag of candy.

Members present were Judy Beer, Annette Brake, Caroline Carpenter, Dale Curry, Cathy DeBarr, Joyce DeBarr, Shelia Dowell, Cheryl Gaunt, Vonnie Hager, Millie Hornbeck, Debbie Kittle, Janet Smith, Jerry Stankus, Iris Mae Swecker, Justine Woody and guest Audrey Miller.

The door prizes were won by Justine Woody, Millie Hornbeck, Vonnie Hager, Annette Brake and Cathy DeBarr.