H.A.S. students learn outdoor skills

As part of the school’s outdoor skills training program, students at Highland Adventist School in Elkins recently participated in a survival campout.

After a 1.5-mile hike, the students worked in small groups to construct shelters that would keep them warm and protected during the cool, mountain night. The student groups used a variety of design ideas that included a twig/leaf hut, a lean-to covered with boughs and a shelter hollowed out under low-lying rhododendron bushes. In addition, the students practiced building fires using flint and steel and magnesium.

“I am happy to report that all the students survived the night and had a great time,” stated Cheryl Jacko, principal. “I hope none of these students are ever lost in the woods, but it is good to know they have some skills that could help them in that situation.”

Highland Adventist School operates an active outdoor skills program that provides instruction in a variety of outdoor recreational skills.

More information is available by calling the school at 304-636-4274.