Philippi to enforce noise ordinance

The Philippi City Council has purchased a noise meter to assist with the enforcement of a new noise ordinance.

Councilman Jeff Allen said the meter would be used if a situation arises where there is a possible noise violation. Mayor Jerry Mouser said the meter would remove any guesswork, making the determination less of a subjective opinion that could vary from officer to officer.

The new ordinance passed unanimously, and it was created as a way to establish rules and regulations to better define and control noise complaints within the corporate limits of Philippi. The ordinance also establishes any exceptions to the noise violations. It is on file at Philippi City Hall.

Another ordinance also was approved, and this one is designed to clean up Philippi.

Mouser said at previous meetings that vacant and derelict buildings have been a pet peeve of his. Now that the abandoned building ordinance has passed, Philippi officials can crack down on attempting to have these properties improved or demolished.

Levy rates for the 2013 to 2014 fiscal year general fund budget also were established at the recent meeting. City Manager Karen Weaver said there was no increase in the rates for Class II and Class IV properties. Class II properties were budgeted at 23.64 percent and Class IV properties were set at 27.28 percent.