Queen’s Department ready to serve

The Queen’s Department for the 77th Mountain State Forest Festival will include three women who bring a great deal of experience to their positions, according to an announcement by Director General Cricket Leary.

Coordinating this year’s royal court will be Queen’s Department Director Lydia Jones and Queen’s Department assistants, Cathy Lindsay and Kim Ross.

Jones will return for her third year as the Queen’s Department director, having previously served two years as an assistant on the Queen’s Department. She has worked on the princess parade drop-off and invitation committees and assisted with the Coronation music from 2005 to 2008. Her husband, Grant, has volunteered on festival committees in the past as well.

Jones serves on the United Way of Randolph County Board of Directors, attends First United Methodist Church and is a member of the church’s Conway Ringers Bell Choir. She is an office manager for Perfection Plus Turbo-Dry LLC and served as a princess in the 2003 Forest Festival. Her brother, Cory, was a Train Bearer in the 1988 Forest Festival.

Lindsay will return for her third year as a Queen’s Department assistant, having previously served as a Queen’s Department assistant in 2007 and 2012. She was the chairperson of the minor court committee for three years. She attends Landmark Baptist Church and works for the Randolph County Schools. Lindsay and her husband, Bruce, have two children, Matthew and Grace. Their daughter, Grace, was a flower girl in the 2006 Forest Festival and was a jester in the 2011 Forest Festival.

Ross will serve her second year as a Queen’s Department assistant. Ross and her husband, Bill, are the parents of one daughter, Tayler, who served as a flower girl in the 2000 Forest Festival and as a Maid of Honor in the 2011 Forest Festival. Ross is the owner of The Beauty Shoppe and has been working her magic by doing the hair and makeup for the minor court, Maids of Honor and Maid Silvia for more than 20 years. She attends St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Coalton.

The 77th Mountain State Forest Festival will be celebrated Sept. 28 to Oct. 6. More information is available at www.forestfestival.com or 304-636-1824.