Residents clean up river

The 10th Annual Great Tygart Valley River Cleanup was held in Elkins on April 13.

There was no shortage of workers when 87 volunteers from the City of Elkins, McNeer-Highland-McMunn and Varner LC, OnTrac, AmeriCorps, Randolph County Community Corrections, Youth Build, Elkins Mountain School, Woodlands Development Group, LDS Church, AES Laurel Mountain, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, AFHA and relatives of Del. Denise Campbell, D-Randolph, Elkins City council members and Mayor Van Broughton tackled miles of the Tygart Valley River and its banks for hours.

According to City Operations Manager Bob Pingley, 1.5 tons of trash, 12 tires, 10 shopping carts and other miscellaneous items were removed from the river and taken to the TV Transfer Station in Dailey.

“The river clean-up is an annual project done in conjunction with the West Virginia Make it Shine statewide cleanup program. The DEP supplies the trash bags, gloves and grabbers and also reimburses for the dump fees,” stated Pingley.

“We would like to see an increase in local awareness about the condition of the river because it has a direct impact on all of us. The Tygart Valley River is the main source water for Elkins. The water your children and grandchildren drink and bathe in comes directly from this river,” said city operations assistant and project manager Peggy Young.

Broughton, along with several other City Council members, said they enjoyed helping clean up the river and its banks.

“We are truly thankful to all the volunteers who spent their Saturday helping with this very important project; the Tygart Valley River is a vital resource for our community,” stated Broughton.

McNeer, Highland, McMunn, and Varner LC purchased 90 chicken dinners from a local Relay for Life team’s chicken-burn fundraiser.