Harman School awarded grant

Frontier Communications has awarded $15,000 to support Harman School in improving the technology skills of students, parents and adult students in the rural Randolph County Community.

Reta Griffith, general manager for Frontier, presented a check to school officials Monday at the Randolph County Board of Education meeting. Harman school is in Northeastern Randolph County and serves students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

School officials said the grant will allow them to purchase computers and software for the business education lab, and it will prepare students, parents and adult learners for success in the 21st century.

“At Frontier, we appreciate Harman School’s mission to educate the community’s children and also provide learning opportunities to parents and residents,” Griffith said. “This grant will help the school acquire technology that takes advantage of our broadband connection and the exciting educational opportunities that now are available to them through the Frontier network.”

Terry George, interim superintendent of Randolph County Schools, noted Frontier’s involvement in supporting education.

“Frontier Communication has played a vital role in providing broadband access throughout the communities of Randolph County,” George said. “With the assistance of the West Virginia Department of Education, RESA 7 and Frontier Communications, the federal Broadband Technology Opportunities Program has been a success for our rural areas receiving broadband access. Frontier Communications has also awarded grants to a number of schools in Randolph County for advancing technology in our schools and classrooms.”

Dave Armentrout, business education instructor at the school, said each student and community member needs technology skills to succeed.

“As teachers, we need to provide those necessary skills by developing new ways of implementing technology into our school systems to expand their education by providing the necessary equipment and software programs to do so,” said Armentrout, who applied for the grant. “Technology advancement has dictated what and how we should teach, and having access to the latest technology in our business education program will allow for greater opportunities for everyone at Harman School.”