Mission trip has short-term and long-term benefits

“Dr. Paul” gave generously of his time to help physicians in Peru provide better health care. The donation he took with him will continue to save lives long after he returned to his post at Davis Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Paul Kuraguntla recently traveled with World Medical Missions to Hospital Diospi Suyana. While there he shared information about his specialty, anesthesiology, and general medical knowledge.

“I think trips like this are extremely important,” said Dr. Paul, who has undertaken several similar missions. “I would like to see more people participate. My father was a medical missionary, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to share our medical expertise and our Christian spirit.”

Before he left, Dr. Paul approached Brenda Bauer, RN, Davis Memorial Hospital’s director of education and coordinator of the American Heart Training Center based at the hospital. Bauer was able to give him some special gifts to leave with his Peruvian friends – six adult and six infant mannequins used for CPR training.

“They have little to no equipment for any kind of teaching or training,” Bauer said. “They were very, very thankful for the equipment we sent. They were going to use it to teach their own staff, and because they were the first ones in the valley to have such equipment, they were going to use it to teach all of the other health posts in the area.”

Bauer said Davis Memorial Hospital had upgraded to newer equipment, but the mannequins were still in good shape.

“I want people to be able to practice their skills while they don’t have a difficult real-life situation going on so they know what to do in an emergency,” Bauer said.

Dr. Frank Noeh, a pediatrician at Hospital Diospi Suyana, sent a heartfelt thank- you note to Bauer and Dr. Paul.

“It really makes you feel good to be able to do that,” Bauer said. “You’re able to help people and do something to improve health care in that entire region.”